De'Longhi La Specialista – now available in red
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De'Longhi La Specialista – now available in red

Murat Circi
Zurich, on 01.10.2020
To mark International Coffee Day on 1 October, De'Longhi is launching La Specialista, a semi-automatic espresso machine, in red. For Galaxus customers, the red machine is now available in a set with the matching coffee knock box and two cappuccino glasses.

The La Specialista has already been on the Swiss market since last year, in silver. From 1 October, the customer favourite is now also available in red.

What makes it a hybrid espresso machine? The La Specialista is not a traditional portafilter machine that’s you’d operate completely manually. It offers additional automated functions like in a fully automatic coffee machine. You can select three preset recipes at the touch of a button. The machine automatically configures important settings such as the pressure, constant coffee dosage and temperature to guarantee consistent results. Still, as with any portafilter machine, the coffee must be ground and tamped, and the milk foamed. Similar to all other hybrid coffee makers, the machine is divided into two zones: on the left side, you grind, compact and portion the beans. On the right side, you’ll find the brewing unit, milk frother and hot water spout.

As a Galaxus customer, you can benefit in October from a special offer set that includes the La Specialista, the matching tapping container and two cappuccino glasses.

The key features at a glance

Precise grinding
Precise grinding is key in getting the best results when preparing espresso-based drinks. The Sensor Grinding Technology always ensures that you use the perfect amount of coffee powder.

Correct tamping
Tamping the coffee powder with the right pressure is crucial in ensuring optimal coffee extraction. This becomes child’s play with the La Specialista Smart Tamping System. By pressing the lever on the side, the coffee is tamped with the correct pressure.

Stable temperature
A stable brewing temperature is required for perfect coffee extraction. Thanks to the Active Temperature Control, the water is kept at a constant temperature for the entire brewing process. This guarantees optimal coffee extraction and the utmost coffee pleasure.

Silky-smooth milk foam
With the Advanced Latte System, the coffee maker prepares silky-smooth milk froth for your cappuccino, giving you all the tools you need to become a veritable latte artist. Simply choose the «flat» option for hot milk and the «foam» option for milk froth and place the pot under the spout.

Three preset coffee recipes (espresso, coffee and Americano) can be varied as desired and personalised with the «My» button. The collection unit can be adjusted in height, which means that you can use any cup up to a height of 12 cm.

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Murat Circi
Murat Circi
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