Cycling shoes for more power and control
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Cycling shoes for more power and control

Chantal Stössel
Zurich, on 01.04.2021
Translation: Octavia Hurst
Check out the new fashionable cycling shoes from Crankbrothers, Ride Concepts and Pearl Izumi! Keep reading and find out the most important features of these fresh collections.

Taking the phrase «better together» to heart, Crankbrothers have launched new innovative mountain bike shoes:

The brand might sound familiar to you because of their tried and tested pedals. Now they’re following up with the matching pair of shoes. The so-called match system connects their pedals together with their shoes to guarantee an optimal click in and click out process. The cleats are already mounted so you can head on out right away. All models are available with the three most popular closure systems.

Mallet E shoe speedlace/strap (41.5)
Crankbrothers Mallet E shoe speedlace/strap (41.5)
Mallet Schuh Speedlace/Strap
Crankbrothers Mallet Schuh Speedlace/Strap

Whether it’s the streets or the trail, the stamp flat shoe is a trusted companion. The sole is optimised for the Crankbrothers stamp pedal, but the shoes work just as well on any other flat pedal.

In its newest form, the Ride Concepts Hellion Elite is a lightweight mountain and Enduro flat pedal shoe for virtually any use. With its focus on weather resistance and durability, the hellion withstands even the harshest conditions.

Pearl Izumi new Gravel X shoe is a game changer in the field of bike shoes. The shoe combines the best of two worlds. From gravel roads or xc trails to long day trips – It always delivers top performance. The X-Project technology guarantees that neither walkability nor pedal stiffness suffer. The upper surface is made from an enduring, single piece of synthetic leather. The boa closure provides even pressure distribution throughout the instep. Thanks to its EVA inlay at the heel, there is a noticeable decline in vibration. This helps to reduce fatigue during longer rides over gravel paths.

The mountain bike shoe X-Alp Elevate has been updated with a couple of features that make it not only lighter, but more comfortable. This makes it easier to explore paths less travelled. Day long rides are as much about efficiency as longevity; therefore, Pearl Izumi chose synthetic leather as their main material for the tongue and the upper surface of the shoe. Last but not least, the new X-Alp Elevate has a second adjustment dial so you can find the perfect fit for your foot.

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Chantal Stössel
Chantal Stössel
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