Coffee made simple with Krups
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Coffee made simple with Krups

Nicola Brand
Zurich, on 08.06.2021
Translation: Veronica Bielawski
Krups makes coffee super simple with the new Intuition Preference+. The touchscreen on this fully automatic coffee machine was rated «very good» by the ETM-Testmagazin. Now available for purchase!

Once you've found your preferred blend of coffee and milk, you can save it under your name to easily brew your perfect cup of coffee every time. If you like your coffee a little stronger in the morning, you can save that, too.

In a nutshell

User-friendly with advanced options for personalisation
The Intuition Preference+ features smartphone-like ease of use thanks to smart slide technology. Intuitive light displays guide you through coffee preparation and machine maintenance – it’s super simple! You can change the brightness and colour of the beverage display as you please. In addition, you can save your desired strength and quantity of your coffee so your cup never overflows.

Krups Quattro Force technology
Enjoy fast grinding due to a stainless steel conical grinder, even tamping thanks to a compression force of up to 30 kg and an automatic cleaning system.

15 adjustable drink specialities
The integrated One Touch cappuccino system and milk tank provide a variety of drinks to choose from. Two drinks can be prepared simultaneously.

Do you prefer a black-coloured coffee machine? Check out these two Intuition Preference coffee machines. Keep in mind that these models have slightly fewer drink options, namely 11. The external milk container is only included with the EA8738 model.

Check out our range of fully automatic coffee makers by Krups here.

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Nicola Brand
Nicola Brand

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