California Dreaming with Superdry
California Dreaming with Superdry
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California Dreaming with Superdry

Lina Friedrich
Zurich, on 30.04.2021
Air travel remains a distant dream. So why not bring a bit of the American West Coast and a little downtown feeling to your home?

Five Superdry outfits for you

Longing for the sound of the waves crashing onto the coast of California? Thinking of the 1967 edition Chevrolet Impala warms your heart? Then Superdry might just be your kind of brand. The label combines classic North American vintage fashion and Japan-inspired elements. Hand-drawn kanji blend into retro graphic prints and the loud colours of old neon signs. The result? Nostalgic fashion with a high recognition factor and daring designs other global brands shy away from. Thanks to this uniqueness, Superdry is becoming increasingly popular. The list of celebrities sporting the brand’s items range from D for David Beckham to Z for Zac Efron.


Dressing in yellow, orange and white is proven to boost your mood by up to 5%.*

Deep Fit Mudder (One size)
The North Face Deep Fit Mudder (One size)

The dark side

Summer, sun and sunshine not really you? Prefer skulls and silver chains? Try combining a black T-shirt with black shorts and accessories in – you guessed right – black.

Halskette (50cm, Stainless steel, Leather)
Cow Style Halskette (50cm, Stainless steel, Leather)


Neither citrus hues nor sombre tones are what you’re about? Maybe you’re something in between. Casual, laid-back and happy to swap your suit pants for sweatpants even after the pandemic.


Combine the «red and black lumberjack», one of the uncontested US American clothing classics, with black items to create a rustic look. And don’t forget «a hat to match».

Trucker (One size)
Buff Trucker (One size)
Checked Flanell Shirt 6 - 5480
Urban Classics Checked Flanell Shirt 6 - 5480

Outfit with a fleece jacket

This roadman-style jacket makes a statement no matter what you combine it with.

Quantity discount
Selected Homme Morgan
70.40was 130.–
Wrangler Arizona
Classic (Chronograph, Analogue wristwatch, 45mm)
G-Shock Classic (Chronograph, Analogue wristwatch, 45mm)

Explore our full range of Superdry items here.

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