Bosch lawnmowers and other innovations
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Bosch lawnmowers and other innovations

Seraphine Rutschmann
Zurich, on 25.05.2020
Post-editing: Eva Francis
This gardening season, Bosch is once again putting the pedal to the metal with its lawnmowers – and is also doing well in other garden product categories. Here you will find an overview of the brand's most interesting new products.

CityMower and EasyRotak

CityMower 18 (Rechargeable battery operated, 35cm)
Bosch CityMower 18 (Rechargeable battery operated, 35cm)
EasyRotak 36-550 (Rechargeable battery operated, 38cm)
Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 (Rechargeable battery operated, 38cm)
EasyRotak 36-550 without battery/charger (Rechargeable battery operated, 38cm)
Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 without battery/charger (Rechargeable battery operated, 38cm)

Bosch is making it easier for us to enter the world of wireless lawn care: in future there will be CityMowers with 18 volts for up to 200 square metres. It is the first Bosch mower in the “«Power for All”» system and extends its range of applications. With the 4.0 Ah battery supplied, more than 25 power tools can be operated, from hammer drills to hedge trimmers. If you’re looking for an even more powerful model that also takes up little space, opt for the 36-volt EasyRotak 36-550 instead. The device is suitable for lawn surfaces up to 550 square metres and only measures 55 centimetres in height, allowing for storage in cramped spaces after you’re done mowing, thanks to the foldable, double-hinged handles and a stackable grass box. Both lawnmowers are surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 10 and 15 kg respectively, as well as gentle and effortless in operation with the tried-and-tested Ergoflex System. The Bosch grass comb allows for precise mowing along walls and edges.

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Robot lawnmowers Indego S+ 700

The connected Indego S+ 700 is the Bosch model for comfortable and autonomous lawn care of medium-sized and large gardens up to 700 square metres. The Indego works with sensors and software to map your garden, precisely measure the lawn surface and calculate the perfect mowing cycle. The intelligent LogiCut navigation system uses the recorded data to systematically mow in parallel lines. Bosch claims that this works up to 40% faster than random mowing. A new and intuitive smartphone and tablet app is used for easy operation, and you can connect the Indego S+ 700 to the IoT with it – by the way, this also works with Amazon Alexa voice commands. SmartMowing uses information about the garden size, personal preferences of the user and local weather forecasts to completely autonomously give your lawn the best possible care.

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Garden trimmers

Electric chain saw UniversalChain 35 (Electrical connection)
Bosch Electric chain saw UniversalChain 35 (Electrical connection)
AdvancedHedgeCut 65 (Electric hedge trimmer)
Bosch AdvancedHedgeCut 65 (Electric hedge trimmer)

Bosch also has some interesting new models for lawn and hedge garden care. According to the manufacturer, the easy-handle EasyShear can not only be used for the effortless shearing of lawn edges, but is also perfect for cutting bushes and shrubs into shape. You can easily exchange the blade without any tools to transform the grass shearer into a shrubshear, making this a particularly versatile tool. With the integrated and powerful lithium-ion battery, the hedge clippers are also your reliable companion during lengthy sessions in the garden. The Bosch AdvancedHedgeCut and UniversalHedgeCut hedge trimmers have been designed for larger hedges and stubborn branches. The new devices quickly and silently cut hedges into shape, thanks to the ProSilence feature, which guarantees up to 80% reduction in noise compared to the previous models. With their lightweight design, both hedge trimmers can be controlled effortlessly in all situations, and the laser and diamond-cut blade ensures that the desired cut is already achieved after a single go. If you’re looking for a stronger tool to help you cut branches and firewood, you can’t go wrong with the electric UniversalChain cordless chainsaw. With a cutting performance of 1,800 watt and a blade speed of 12m/s, you’ll get powerful results without great effort. The housing and blade cover have been redesigned, which ensures easier chip removal and cleaning after use. According to Bosch, this will result in fewer blockages.

GardenPump 18

Water pumps
GardenPump 18 (garden pump)
Bosch GardenPump 18 (garden pump)

Control unit Pump 18V 2.5Ah battery Charger 2.5 m cable 2.5 m hose Wall mounting Clip for fixing to the rain barrel Cardboard packaging

Those who are looking for an efficient, simple and quick alternative to conventional watering pots will be delighted by the market Launch of the Bosch GardenPump 18. With sufficient pumping capacity for hoses up to 25 metres, this watering pump can be used to ensure lush green splendour for virtually all gardens, also during hot summers. Can be used with sprinkler and irrigation systems thanks to the integrated timer feature.

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