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Bob and sledge back in stock

Daniel Feucht

Ready for the snow? So that you can soon hit the toboggan run, we have pumped our camp full of bobsleds, toboggans, wooden sleds and snow sliders of all kinds.

Who doesn't love sliding down the slope on a snow slide or gliding along a well-prepared toboggan run? No matter which vehicle you choose, you'll have a grin on your face.


Bobs are agile and easy to manoeuvre. Many models have a steering wheel and a handbrake. Thanks to the large support surface, they are tip-proof and are therefore well suited for children. Those who like it a bit sportier can swing on a three-skid bob like the full-suspension Snowracer King Size GT from Stiga.


It is part of the basic equipment of many Swiss families: the classic wooden sledge. The original Davos sledge from 3R is made from ash wood and is therefore particularly durable.


A toboggan is the more modern version of a classic wooden sledge. Thanks to the curved runners, it has a smaller contact surface and therefore runs much faster. Because the runners are separated from the main frame, the toboggan can be steered easily and precisely. A highlight is the Black Hawk from Mach which is 100% Swiss Made and has an exceptional design.

Snow slides

They are significantly cheaper than a bobsleigh or sledge, but still guarantee enormous sledging fun. Thanks to their size, they save space and are easy to transport. Some models have handles that improve grip. Particularly portable is the toboggan fish, which can be rolled up and stowed in a bag or backpack. .


The Snowfeet are a kind of inline skates for winter. Thanks to the soft boot binding, you can use almost any winter or snowboard boot. Where are the Snowfeet used? On the toboggan run, in the snow park or on the ski slope. In other words, anywhere you can skate on the snow.

Snowfeet Snowfeet II (43 cm, With binding)
125.70was 164.60

Snowfeet Snowfeet II

43 cm, With binding


To all bobsleigh + sledges

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