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Black Friday Week 2022 – here’s how things are going at Digitec Galaxus

Stephan Kurmann
Translation: Veronica Bielawski

For the very first time, Digitec Galaxus is celebrating Black Friday Week, with promotions all week long from 22 to 28 November. Here’s how the debut is going down with bargain hunters.

How are Black Friday and Cyber Monday going? Better than last year? Which deals are proving particularly popular? These are the questions upon questions we get asked by journalists come November each year. We’re happy to share our insights here – maybe you in the Digitec Galaxus Community are interested in knowing, too.

A timeline of events

Tuesday, 22 November – start of Black Friday Week

Shortly after midnight, the first bargain hunters are flocking to Digitec and Galaxus. As expected, the onslaught on the first day proves limited.

There are two reasons for that: first, many customers simply didn’t realise that Digitec and Galaxus are doing a Black Friday Week this year. This is something that must first become established with customers.

In addition, there are certainly people holding out until Black Friday, hoping for even more attractive deals. Heads up: the deals being released are equally attractive throughout the week – we’re cranking out some great deals right at the start of Black Friday Week.

The most popular items in the Digitec store on day one are TVs, notebooks and mobiles. At Galaxus, robot vacuum cleaners, dishwasher tabs as well as tennis and badminton rackets are garnering a lot of interest.

Wednesday and Thursday, 23 and 24 November – the calm before the storm

Wednesday and Thursday pass similarly to the first day. We’ve registered more visits and orders on our websites than usual – but definitely not yet at typical Black Friday levels. We expect these numbers to skyrocket on Black Friday.

Today’s update: some Digitec deals are already sold out. Our customers are especially pouncing on notebooks, smartphones, televisions, headphones and monitors. At Galaxus, cleaning aids such as robot vacuums and steam cleaners as well as coffee machines, functional clothing and toys are all the rage.

Friday, 25 November – Black Friday

8 a.m.

The typical Black Friday rush shortly after midnight fails to materialise. Our online shops remain more stable than ever. The project team is satisfied. «We’ve achieved our goal and spread the order volumes over several days – and avoided a huge peak on Black Friday,» says Irene Portmann, Project Manager Black Friday Week at Digitec Galaxus. She adds, «But once bitten, twice shy. Black Friday Week lasts until 28 November. It’s still too early to make a final assessment.»

The early birds seem particularly interested in toys such as Playmobil, kitchen items such as coffee makers as well as cameras and PC components.

12 p.m.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the first half of the day:

  • Bargain hunters didn’t stay up extra late to claim the top deals. The order volume between midnight and 1 a.m. has halved compared to the previous year.
  • The majority of orders were on Digitec and Galaxus were placed between 8 and 9 a.m. – like in the previous year.
  • Part of the Community misses the adrenaline rush that is Black Friday. According to them, the kick just isn’t there when there’s a whole week of promotions.

5 p.m.

A little reminder: we introduced Black Friday Week to spread the volume of orders over several days and thus reduce the burden on logistics.

If we look back at the first few days, the plan has worked so far. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the promotions on Digitec and Galaxus resulted in more orders than in the previous year. Black Friday, on the other hand, has so far been less hectic than usual. As expected, the big midnight rush failed to materialise, and order volumes during the day were below the previous year's level.

The upside: no servers went down, there’s less stress for the logistics team and all packages left our distribution centre on time. Of course, there are also critical voices regarding Black Friday Week – check the comments section for those.

Saturday and Sunday, 26 and 27 November – winding down over the weekend

The peak on Black Friday was not as high as in the previous year. However, it was still the day with the highest sales during Black Friday Week. On the weekend, there were fewer visitors to Digitec and Galaxus than on Friday. Still, traffic, order volume and sales are higher than last year, as this year we also offered limited deals on the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Monday, 28 November – Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday marks the last day of Black Friday Week. Similar to Black Friday, the midnight rush also failed to materialise.

Digitec customers were less active on Cyber Monday than last year – we recorded fewer user sessions on Galaxus customers, on the other hand, were in a buying mood and generated more traffic on than on Cyber Monday last year.

In a nutshell

  • In terms of sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were on average below the previous year.
  • The shift in sales to other days of Black Friday Week compensated for this decline and even resulted in an overall increase in sales.
  • The peaks in orders on Black Friday and Cyber Monday were thwarted. As a result, we were able to relive pressure on the logistics team, which was our goal.
  • Now we’re busy evaluating Black Friday Week. We’re interviewing both internal and external stakeholders to draw further conclusions.

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