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BenchK sports furniture

Patrick Bächtiger
Zurich, on 12.07.2022

Do you know a piece of gym equipment that is suitable for an effective full-body workout and serves as functional designer furniture at the same time? BenchK produces wall bars that allow you to do just that.

The wall bars come in different series, four of which you can find new at Galaxus. I'll show you which products they are in the post below.

Series 110

The BenchK Series 110 wall bars take up little space and are suitable for an intense workout at home. Made of beech wood, the 220 cm high product consists of 8 oval rungs. For assembly, a room height of at least 230 cm is required. As accessories, the table support or rings are suitable.

210 series

Compared to the 110 series, this series is made of metal and beech wood. This makes the unit a little heavier (18 kg), but also very robust, the load capacity is max. 150 kg. In the 211B version, the wooden pull-up bar is also added. The minimum room height for installation is 240 cm.

310 series

The 310 series is slightly higher (2.40 m) and requires a minimum room height of 2.50 m. The robust wall bars are made of metal and beech wood and have a weight of 20 kg. The wall bars are delivered with pull-up bar and gymnastics accessories.

Wall bars system 311B+A076
BenchK Wall bars system 311B+A076

Series 510

This series offers the possibility to mount the wall bars in two ways. The normal wall mounting or the floor-ceiling mounting. In this case, a minimum room height of 240 cm is required. The fixed pull-up bar and dip bar also offer various possibilities for a full-body workout.

Go directly to the full range of BenchK.

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