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8 Classic Albums

With His Hot And Blue Guitar/ Sings The Songs That Made

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8 Classic Albums


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Anz. Tracks99

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Verlag H'ART Musik-Vertrieb
Produkttyp Sonstige CDs


Audio CD

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Artist Johnny Cash
Medium Cd
Product De,fr
01 Rock Island Line
02 I heard that lonesome whistle
03 Country boy
04 If The Good Lord's Willing
05 Cry Cry Cry
06 Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You)
07 So Doggone Lonesome
08 I was there when it happened
09 I Walk The Line
10 Wreck of the old '97
11 Folsom Prison Blues
12 Doin' my time
13 Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
14 There you are
15 Don't make me go
16 Guess Things Happen That Way
17 Train Of Love
18 The Ways Of A Woman In Love
19 Next In Line
20 You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
21 I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
22 Home Of The Blues
23 Big River
24 Hey Porter
25 Give my love to Rose
26 Come In Stranger
27 All Over Again
28 What Do I Care
29 Run Softly, Blue River
30 Frankie's Man, Johnny
31 That's all over
32 The troubadour
33 One More Ride
34 That's Enough
35 I Still Miss Someone
36 Don't Take Your Guns To Town
37 I'd Rather Die Young
38 Pickin' Time
39 Shepherd of my heart
40 Suppertime
41 Goodbye little darlin'
42 I just thought you'd like to know
43 You tell me
44 It's Just About Time
45 I Forgot To Remember To Forget
46 Katy too
47 Thanks a lot
48 Luther played the boogie
49 You win again
50 Hey Good Lookin'
51 I could never be ashamed of you
52 Get Rhythm
53 Straight A's In Love
54 I Love You Because
55 I was Jesus
56 I Saw A Man
57 Are All The Children In
58 The Old Account
59 Lead me gently home
60 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
61 Snow In His Hair
62 Lead me father
63 I call him
64 These things shall pass
65 He'll Be A Friend
66 God Will
67 Drink to me
68 Five Feet High And Rising
69 The Man On The Hill
70 Hank and Joe and me
71 Clementine
72 The Great Speckled Bird
73 I Want To Go Home
74 The caretaker
75 Old Apache squaw
76 Don't step on mother's roses
77 My grandfather's clock
78 It could be you (Instead of him)
79 You Dreamer You
80 I Got Stripes
81 The Little Drummer Boy
82 Smiling Bill McCall
83 I'll Remember You
84 Bandana
85 Wabash blues
86 Loading coal
87 Slow rider
88 Lumberjack
89 Dorraine Of Ponchartrain
90 Going To Memphis
91 When papa played the dobro
92 Boss Jack
93 Old Doc Brown
94 Seasons of my heart
95 I Feel Better All Over
96 I Couldn't Keep From Crying
97 Time Changes Everything
98 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
99 I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)

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